Aussie Stories

An Antechinus in the Attic by Viarnne Mischon

      An Antechinus in the Attic

When visiting their Aunty Agnes and Uncle Zac, Bella, Chloe, Xavier and Yuri discover a rather unusual A-Z gaggle of house guests!

Cookie Chookie by Dean Sprague & Gail Lewis

      Cookie Chookie

Cookie Chookie is hit on the head by a bunya nut and thinks the sky is falling so she's determined to get to Canberra to tell the Prime Minister

Drover's Dream adapted by Virginia Wise

      Drover's Dream

When this drover's baby will not sleep, she finds an usual parade of characters arrive to keep her company!

Fred the Freight Train by Virginia Wise & Viarnne Mischon

      Fred the Freight Train

The adventures of Fred the Freight Train on his travels from Boggabilla in NSW to Melbourne

Goldilocks & the Three Koalas by Viarnne Mischon

      Goldilocks and the Three Koalas

Goldilocks comes across a very intriguing tree-house while walking in the Toolangi forest

Little Grey Fish by Circe

      Little Grey Fish

A little grey fish hopes to find some friends in the Great Barrier Reef

Peter and the Bunyip by Jemma Michael

      Peter and the Bunyip

Peter lives in the small rural town of Bunyip in Australia where he spends lots of time playing at the river with a very special friend - the Bunyip bunyip!

The Lonely Yowie by Virginia Wise & Joanna Tracas

      The Lonely Yowie

A lonely yowie sets off across Australia from his home in the Daintree Forest in search of a friend and meets some very interesting creatures along the way!

The Magic Shell by Felix Gyomber

      The Magic Shell

Californian siblings Maddy and Michael find a magic shell that sends them on an unexpected adventure to Central Australia and beyond!
Didgeridoo by Stax the Didgeman

The Tap by Virginia Wise

      The Tap

A little girl keeps reminding her town to conserve water... will they listen to her before it's too late?

The Ugly Duckling adapted by Fiona Cull

      The Ugly Duckling

In the wilds of Yorke Peninsular in South Australia, a duckling finally discovers who he really is


The Sliver Wand by Sarah Cull

      The Silver Wand

Lily lives with her family on an apple orchard at the edge of an ancient forest in Tasmania, and on this special day something magical happens!

There's a Unicorn in My Garden by Viarnne Mischon

      There's a Unicorn in My Garden

Imagine how much fun it would be if a unicorn came to play in your garden everyday!

Bilby Creek

A Barbie at Bilby Creek by Virginia & Circe

      A Barbie at Bilby Creek

Janet the Gecko organises a barbie for all her friends at Bilby Creek and everyone pairs up to bring something special for a friend

Bilby Creek Goes for Gold by Virginia & Circe

      Bibly Creek Goes For Gold

Jonah is a young goanna from the Tanami desert with a big dream - to sail for Australia!

Bilby Creek's Got Talent by Virginia & Circe

      Bilby Creek's Got Talent

A talent quest comes to Bilby Creek and all the locals are very excited... who will win?

Lost at Bilby Creek by Virginia & Circe

      Lost at Bilby Creek

Gladys the Emu comes across an unusual little creature who says she is lost so Gladys takes her to Mr Ted Wallaby's store to find help.

Mysterious Stranger at Bilby Creek by Virginia & Circe

      The Mysterious Stranger at Bilby Creek

A mysterious stranger arrives at Bilby Creek - why is he holding secret meetings in a tent down by the creek?

Global Stories

Page Nine by Viarnne Mischon

      Page Nine

Jackson had always dreamed of travelling to outer space... then one evening, just as he was falling asleep, a book on his bedside table suddenly flipped open to page nine!

Oscar and Digby by Virginia Wise

      Oscar and Digby

Oscar is an indoor cat and Digby is an outdoor dog... what happens when they swap places?

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