TEAM Miani Rose

MIANI ROSE is the Junior President of the School Broadcasting Network Inc, Junior Producer / Lead Host for Music Matters and is a member of the Kidz Hub Media Network’s Junior Advisory Board, USA.  At 16 years old Miani already has over 7 years experience in radio production and several industry accolades and is a passionate advocate for sustainable citizenship and proactive youth participation in ‘being the change you want to see in the world’. 

TEAM Frank Dixon med

FRANK DIXON is the Australian Ambassador for the Music Matters IOA Charity Album and he began hosting Music Matters with Miani Rose in February 2013. Frank is currently on sabbatical from his regular radio hosting gig to focus on his new album and is an occasional guest host on Music Matters when time allows. Frank’s song ‘Back to the Stars’ is featured on the debut Music Matters Charity Album and both Frank and Miani traveled to New York to launch the album in USA in April 2016.


LIAM BLAKE is Chairman of SBN’s Junior International Advisory Board and Lead Host / Producer for Music Matters Global. Liam joined the team 2016 and his song ‘Once’ is featured on the debut Music Matters Charity Album.

TEAM Chloe Findlay med

CHLOE FINDLAY is a Junior Producer and Lead Host for Music Matters Global and has been a part of the team since 2014.


TEAM Brooke Shearer med

BROOKE SHEARER is the new booking manager for Music Matters and she is also a regular host on Music Matters Global. If you would like to have the opportunity to perform on Music Matters please email Brooke via bookings at

7 JASE med

JASE NELSON is the Music Matters International Discoveries talent scout and he is constantly searching for emerging young artists across Canada and USA to feature on the show. His song ‘Waking Up’ is featured on the Music Matters Charity Album. 

TEAM John Bradley med

JOHN BRADLEY has been a regular hos on Music Matters Sunday (now Music Matters Global) shows since 2013.  

TEAM Kylie Chirunga med

KYLIE CHIRUNGA is host and script writer for Music Matters and joined the team in 2015. Her song ‘Magic’ is featured on the debut Music Matters Charity Album.

TEAM Amber Walker med2

AMBER WALKER has been an occasional host on Music Matters since 2015.


TEAM Renee-Louise med

RENEE-LOUISE is the newest member of the Music Matters team and joined as host and production assistant in early 2016. Her song ‘Imperfect’ is featured on the debut Music Matters Charity Album.